Live fearlessly: A poem by Omar Nassar

Life is a journey full of ever-present challenges
Where fear and the fear of fear are ever-present
In everyday life and only the courageous triumph
Like Hercules of Mythology who lived fearlessly…..
Life is a jungle which only the very brave explore
To discover the secrets and mysteries of living fully
 Through its ups and downs, where intrigues abound
With conspiracies, one must overcome to live fearlessly……
Struggling aware that cowards die many times over
And only stalwarts can hold the bull by the horns
Where a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step
With the grit to step into the threshold for a milestone…..
In defense of a legacy, people go to war
Ready to kill or be killed fiercely as a lioness
Guarding her cubs against predators and poachers
Who live fearlessly doing the wrong things from right……
And living fearlessly through adversity one learns survival
In a fierce world where at every turn danger lurks
And only a stoic with love and care stands a chance
Through the flames of life to clinch victory!