Optimism: A poem by Omar Nassar

Optimism is the simple smile filling one’s soul with sunshine
As the hope and joy, a baby’s birth accords family
When collective laughter in society uplifts souls from the gloom
For collective success that brings a boon to all…
That the world flourishes in the fragrance of fresh flowers
Where vegetation never die and rivers do not dry
And rain clouds often gather with hope up the sky
When nature’s half-promise of life is better than nothing…
OPTIMISM is the spark of positive vibe igniting the human drive
Rising like the early bird to grasp  the best in life
And that divine power that raises hope above strife
As the wind that fills the sail to the promised land…
It’s always beginning my day with greetings and a smile
Praying for a sunny day that ends successfully well
Even when feeling low I complete the extra mile
So glad that a challenging day ends without a yell…
OPTIMISM is silver-lined clouds that drench crops with rain
Which to humans is joy, health, wealth and success
That fosters friendships, bonhomie,  goodwill, and well-being
The will to live to love to be and share!