Little Joys of Life

In the hustle and bustle of our days,

We often forget life’s little joys and ways,

The simple things that make us smile,

And make our time on earth worthwhile.


The warmth of the sun on our skin,

The sound of birds chirping in the wind,

The breeze that caresses you gently,

To make you feel like snuggling with joy.


The laughter of children at play,

The beauty of sunset at the end of a day,

The comfort of a warm embrace,

The joy of finding a kindred face.


The smell of fresh flowers in bloom,

The sound of rain on the roof of the room,

The sight of a starry night sky,

The feeling of love that makes us high.


These little joys we often overlook,

They are the essence of life’s true book,

Let’s cherish them every day,

And let them guide us on our way.


Latha Warrier

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