Stands this magnificent temple structure

Near the sea shore of ‘Chandrabhaga’

The thirteenth-century Sun temple

And became a pride of Kalinga architecture.


Twelve hundred masons toiled twelve years

Twelve-year old boy gave final touch

Sacrificed his life by drowning in sea

To save masons’ lives from the wrath of King.


Attracted by the beauty of ‘Chandrabhaga

Sun God chased her on sea beach

To save herself from his advancement

She drowned herself in the sea.


Sumanyu, the sage, came to know

The tragic death of her foster daughter

Cursed Sun God, “Never be worshipped”

Thus goes the folklore of the temple.


Why did Sun temple fell down soon?

Did sea weather made it fall with time?

Or did it suffer the curse of the sage?

It is the mute witness to its own fate.


Kishor Kumar Mishra