Man I Knew: A Poem by Rosan Ramaos Manalo

I feel the warmth of the Lord in my life, the one and mightiest of all,
The only perfect steering wheel, the brake that never let my fall;
The one who comforts me during my tears and even my bluish day
The sunlight, moon and my shining stars that had never been away.

Out there, my loving and caring father, the next to my completion,
Brought me up, high in a paradise they called as I do my locomotion;
Done by my folks, felt glee, no worry nor had I felt that fear of flaws
Of getting in the dark where I every leaf of those trees had lost.

In the domicile, much time, I enjoyed the beating of the wall clock,
While my sweet bruvver swayed the swing away from the hemlock;
Watching the colourful rainbow, as we both drew out of our mind
The future we glimpsed, he told me, everything would be all mine.

Spring, summer, autumn and winter; seasons change many times;
All of them had gone away and solely I shall draw the next on primes;
From this, was a long sleep time, when I knew a strange man of hope,
Showered me with glittering diamonds, falling down were pure gold.

All I heard were sweet lullaby, as the man I knew painted the castle
Both the handsome prince and his princess would live happily ever after;
That sound of big bang had made me awaken out of my sweet dream
That the man I knew during that moment was untrue and not for real.