Life is a game of chess: A poem by Subhashchandra B. Adhav

Life is a challenging game
It is played in a fixed frame
Which game? Can you guess?
Oh! It’s a game of chess
The chess board is very odd and awful
All the time you ought to be utmost watchful
You’re given pieces either black or white
You’ve to make moves sharp and bright
You’ve to judge opponent’s move
Your intrinsic mettle you’ve to prove
All the mind power properly you’ve to set
Somehow you shouldn’t suffer checkmate!!
Even if the opponent moves a pawn
You can’t take it casually and afford to yawn
All your kingdom depends on the King and Queen
For their protection always be keen
Watch the opponent’s shrewd knight
Never commit a mistake slight
With your bishop be positive
Counteract opposite bishop’s inclined motive
In sixty-four squares, make judicious moves following regulations
Otherwise you’re bound to suffer tribulations
Use dashing rooks to bring the game in your ambit 

Oh! You can easily win by strategies like King’s Gambit!!