Life is a game of chess: A poem by Nisha Tandon

Life is nothing but a complex game of chess

Where there’s the rivalry between two opponents in black and white

We identify potential threats and to safeguard our own interest

A fire of revenge within, we allow to perennially ignite

There’s a conflict between the good and evil

And devil’s advocate is always played by the sinner

Amidst myriad manipulations and scheming minds

Eventually, it’s the brainiac who emerges a winner

In life’s dilemmas when we land in situations tough

We need to make important choices under pressure

Setting perspicuous goals to achieve success

We acquire the unthinkable by remaining focussed

We are mere pawns in the hands of circumstances

We strategize and cross various hindrances and roadblocks

Despite the limitations and serious impediments

We make the most of the opportunities that knock

The game of chess teaches to create a perfect balance

Between the vulnerable heart and the coherent mind

And when we are in dilemma it’s difficult to decide

If our thoughts are actually perfectly aligned

Important life lessons we learn throughout the journey

We make mistakes but don’t get time to make amends

Then we realize that life is a game of chess
And all’s over with a mere Checkmate in the end