Let’s Open Our Third Eye!


Our humble soul is peacefully born,

From cosmos, celestial bodies or, unknown

From a short-lived dark night, we loom into the light

From blurred vision, we soon clear our sight,

And fix our axis with the centripetal force


Then whirlwinds of overcrowded conceptions ‘n burdened egos,

The circle in which every being is locked sans any windows,

But blessed are we, to have our third eye,

That’s given to us since we sprouted ‘n will remain till we die


But it only remains open in the initial years,

Then dust layers settle with time ‘n catch us in turbulence

Unfortunately, we shut our third eye


Let’s open the gaze of our inner child again

The eye that we closed long ago,

To explore true answers by eliminating our conceptions and ego,

To see the in-out beauty of this life


Let our soul glow like our initial forming,

Let’s rise above the burning ambers,

To not get trapped in materialistic zone as everything is an illusion


Let our heart’s beauty shine like the sun shines through fog,

Then we’ll find a connection that triumphs over all burdens ‘n fears,

And we shall see the pearls of wisdom ‘n the entire universe within us!

Pooja Mandla

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