O’ Rain!


I want to learn from you, O’ rain!

The lesson of calmness, while in pain

Like the silent cries, you drizzle

Does your ache fade and fizzle?


You pour incessantly when in distress

Maybe to untangle your mind’s mess

You calm the storm that raises dust

Is it to restore your inner trust?


O’ rain! Into each life, you fall

And wash away the glum from all

You fight against summer’s wrath

Aren’t you afraid of the aftermath?


As a healer, you help the trees to recover

Amidst all, your lost self, you rediscover

Your presence echoes the sound of joy

Do you then, forget your pain and enjoy?


As flowing tears lighten the heart

You deluge to let go and restart

O’ rain! I intend to be like you

Crestfallen, yet help all to start anew

Moumita Dutta