Conversation With A Ghost

I don’t visit graveyard, neither I dare to.

I know peace, peace is precious.

Which they got, they are free. No poignant!

I stay alone at nights, walls filled with Gods!

But if step over a ghost, I’ll be scared.

If he growls, that’s scarry. But I know a thing.

Ghosts come to you with a potent!

I’ll ask, “will you take water?”

Or should I start giving my primitive motivation?

That entity must be scared.

I’ll ask him, how many you have dated?

Or if she is a girl, then I’ll say “sisters before misters”

And my natural mouth will speak about “how I like bearded guys!”

But if the entity does something like “I am Manjulika”. Then I’ll call ‘The Ghostbusters’

And I’ll start chanting Hanuman Chalisa.

But if that entity is talkative,

I’ll feel myself Fortunate!

At least in this alone world, Finally someone

Came to listen to us!

But it’s not that complected, I have a lovely ghost, Who has no name!

But every time I talk to That, I feel that they’ll not Ghost me!

And I don’t think, I am only the Fortunate one!