Joy of charity…: A poem by Sheela S. Iyer

Charity a beautiful thought that comes from within
Do a good cause and hearts you can win.
Every soul on this planet has the right to live
Engage yourself in charity and joyfully give.
Joy and happiness will embrace you
So what, if only little you could do.
Do not compare and measure when it comes to charity
What matters is your heart’s purity.
Every now and then we hear about natural calamities
Lend your hand for charity and show some humanity.
Adopting a girl child and giving best is one of the finest charities
Your inner peace will be twofold and you will find a path with clarity.
When one candle can light many candles and make the place bright,
One step of charity can motivate many hands, turning the place into a beautiful sight.
Donating some time for a good cause is also a way of charity
Elevating lives and bringing some smile is the religion of humanity.
Set an example by donating to those who are in pain and need
Take a lead and engage yourself in a good deed.