Live fearlessly…: A poem by Sheela S. Iyer

The more you are afraid of something, the more you get entangled
Things will turn worse and be difficult to handle.
Lead a life that is fearless
Parade, as if moving in life is Limitless.
Nurture your inner strength and make it strong
Why worry when you are not wrong?
Once you wear a mask of fear,
Your strength will just disappear.
Crush your fear and never allow it to conquer your mind
Be brave, leave your fear behind and let your personality be defined.
Say what you have to say
Do not gulp and be afraid.
Some fear is genuine and some are self-created
Dismantle the box where fear is situated.
Fear reveals weakness of the inner self
Just be too strong for fear and enrich yourself.
Fear will take you to the path where defeat is waiting
Fear will drain away your thought process, making life frustrating.
Live fearlessly, the only way to cherish life
Live fearlessly with grace and full of life.
When the voice of fear is loud,
The rhythm of life turns into a dark cloud.
Winning and losing is part of the game
Live fearlessly to sustain and stand again.