Friendship: A poem by Bhargavi Ravindra

(This poem is dedicated to my friend whose premature demise several decades ago ..yet I have kept her alive through my poems …As a tribute to her loving memory every year I dedicate a poem to her …)

To hide my tears seemingly enjoyed raindrops on my face
The downpour was my shield to let tears flow with grace

There was a strong hand on my shoulder, just out of the blue
A gentle whisper in my ears “remember, I am there for you!

A friend can see the tears hidden amidst the raindrops
His/her ‘s warm hug will let you shed tears till rain stops!

At crossroads or dead-end, is always a true loving friend
sunshine or rain, all through the way, till that elusive end.

Family, you are born with, friends you make along the way
Friendship is a bond that grows stronger and richer every day!

Childhood  friendships make for those true honey-sweet memories
The fading sunshine, as things go black n bleak; to bask in its glory!

You came into my life as a soothing balm when I was feeling lost
Your care, concern, comradeship enriched my life beyond cost.

True friendship is eternal and blissful, that golden silence perfects
True friendship is to understand what silence echoes and reflects!

A good friend in life has a huge impact on happiness that takes us far
left for your heavenly abode too soon, may be to be my guiding star!

Even without you around, I feel your presence in all my life’s event
our friendship sure be cherished and continue to inspire Gen-next!