Indelible Imprint: A Poem by Sheela S. Iyer

Loneliness gripped and grappled my existence
Mental agony was deep and intense.
Everything seemed bleak
There was no one around to share my grief.
Enshrouded in melancholy my eyes, wept
My fidgety and overworked mind never slept.
I tried to calm and convince it to doze
Ultimately exhausted, my mind could not oppose.
Suddenly a sweet voice raised its head
Mom, take me in your arms, she said.
Born that night was a beautiful princess.
Not in my womb, but my dreams.
My lips parted in a smile,
When I saw her alluring blue eyes.
I requested the misty night and the moon to stay
Since I didn’t want my dreams to go away.
It’s not real, but an illusion I know
Engraved in my heart, how can I let her go?
Yes, a princess was born long ago only in my thoughts

But immense and indescribable happiness she brought.