A Myriad of Colors: A Poem by Manisha Amol

She saw the myriad of colors in his eyes,
A magnetic smile and a toned face,
A chiseled body with rugged looks,
Sensuous lips exuding an irresistible charm.

Her feelings appeared like a rainbow on the azure sky,
White dove of emotions soaring high.
Orange and yellow hue merging to pierce the Sun,
Grey humongous clouds silhouetted against the horizon.

Euphony of the breeze brushed past her face,
Echo of the melodious voice clearly heard,
Chirping birds like soothing piano notes,
Everything so pleasant like an enigmatic verse.

Drenched in blissful thoughts!
Her heart melts missing a beat.
Stretching arms ready to embrace!
A flash of love and desires surface!

As raindrops fall her lashes are wet,
Eyes wide open, upheaval of an emotional outburst!
Was it a dream? An illusion!
Or just a figment of imagination!!