ASIA FORUM: CHAPTER 1-BHUTAN: A Report by Ms. Neeti Parti

Asian Literary Society and Journal of Asian Art, Culture and Literature (JAACL) has initiated a new forum of interaction with Asian countries. Its maiden event ASIA FORUM – Chapter 1 was organized on 11th July 2021 at 6 PM IST with the focus on Bhutan.

List of Participants:

Dr. Rinzin Rinzin, Chief Country Coordinator for the Foundation of SAARC Writers and Literature, author and poet

Ms. Namgay Peldon, author and poet

Mr. Bagawath Bhandari, author and poet

Ms. Neeti Parti, Programme Coordinator, educationist, author and poet

The Founder of Asian Literary Society and Editor-in-chief JAACL, Mr Manoj Krishnan opened the inaugural session of the forum. He welcomed the participants and viewers and introduced Ms. Neeti Parti as the Moderator.

Ms. Neeti Parti took over the forum with gratitude and gave a brief insight into the ALS mission. Thereafter, she introduced the distinguished panel individually.

The aim of the programme was to honour the literary luminaries and gain a better understanding of the art, culture and beliefs of the beautiful country of Bhutan through an interesting set of questions followed by reading or recitation of self-composed creative writing.

Dr. Rinzin Rinzin spoke about his love for his motherland. He recited his first composition which he had written when he became homesick as a student in Australia. When asked about his concern for the environment, he touched everyone’s heart by reciting a poem titled, ‘No more, no more!’ As an author of children’s stories, he also read out an endearing tale of ‘The Yak and the Buffalo’.

Ms. Namgay Peldon represented the tender but resilient spirit of Bhutan by relating her personal struggle of achieving a position in the corporate world after the loss of her parents. She began her journey of writing by noting down her feelings in verse during lonely times. Her recitations included an inspiring poem on Women Empowerment.

Mr. Bagawath Bhandari was a student when he started writing poetry. He wanted to impress his father who had not had the privilege of literacy. Apart from reciting his poems, he related the story of ‘The Wolf and the three Pigs’. He gave the story a twist by portraying every character in positive light to convey the message that no creature or person is inherently negative by nature.

Ms. Neeti Parti concluded the session with a Prayer of Compassion for humanity.

Mr. Manoj Krishnan closed the forum by offering the Vote of Thanks.

The event has been archived and may be viewed on the following link: