If We Ever Meet Again: A Poem by Dr. Sonia Gupta

If we ever meet again, we shall write a new chapter,

Scribbled with so many unsaid words and letters,

Which will narrate a lovable story of two lovers,

After so long, who have met together.

If we ever meet again, I shall embrace you tightly,

Forgetting the whole world, lost in you fully,

Tears will flow flooded with joy and sorrow,

I will cherish that moment without waiting for tomorrow.

If we ever meet again, I shall express my heart,

With colors of love, I shall paint a lovable canvas,

That will be preserved within forever,

Until death departs us O’ dear.

If we ever meet again, I shall compose love songs,

Shall relish this world as heaven finding you along,

No grudges, no complaints will be left,

We will give each other our the best.

If we ever meet again, life will bloom once more,

We shall knock at a new door,

Where only you and me will be there,

Away from world’s hustle and bustle we will just cheer.