A Moment of Happiness: A Poem by Manisha Amol

As I dive deep into your evasive eyes,
Inundates my soul with echoes of cries!
Surfing emotional waves in the ride,
Disintegrates my aching heart in a stride.

Tears roll down like free-falling raindrops,
Seeping to the core erupting weedy crops!
Feelings hung on a serrated clothesline,
Tattered to the hilt loses its shine.

Ambiance thus created is beyond grasp,
Like a hurtful sting of a buzzing wandering wasp.
Mind is overcast with a fistful of smog,
Shrouded in misery validity shut with a clog.

The promises made floated like a mountain mist,
Visibly closer but drifting away with the wind!
Wafting fragrance of togetherness chased away,
Stench of filth left behind clouding the day.

Searching hard for a moment of happiness,
Constantly ebbed and flowing in the darkness,
Inexpressible feelings leading to a sour numbness,
A fully drenched life of dulled sadness.