Ideal Footsteps : A Poem by Lakshmi Ajoy

The ideal footsteps into this mighty world,
Are those with deep challenges, new learnings, and intense experiences.
The ideal footsteps into gaining skills,
Are those filled with vast knowledge, supreme wisdom, and insightful sagacity.
The ideal footsteps into acquiring fame,
Are those spread with encountering worldly jealousy, our humbled attitude, and extreme modesty.
The ideal footsteps into becoming poised,
Are those blended with managing emotions, balancing senses, and acquiring patience.
The ideal footsteps into developing deep insight,
Are those that come with peaceful meditation, tranquil bliss, and supreme love.
Ideal footsteps are those that carve a niche and leave a mark,
For others to follow, adopt, flourish, nourish, nurture, thrive, and prosper.