The Face in the Mirror: A Poem by Ambika Gibikote Tadipatri

I peer closer but realise, I definitely now need my eyeglasses,

And as I see my own face in the mirror, sudden insight flashes,

For, comes to me, my dad’s proverb that is forever aglow:

“‘I see, I see’, said a blind man as he lost his other eye also”.


I note again my crinkly crow’s feet and my salt and peppery hair,

but now I don’t seek a colourful camouflage, nor do I despair,

These marks mark my many experiences, I become so aware,

They show my care with a flair that comes only with true wear.


My dry lips part into a smile and draw my sight to my chin,

Yes, they have doubled with ancient age and there’s a sag to my skin,

I quest, ‘Do these looks matter at all, for what is now sought in me?’

The Young Ones only seek my comfort as they come to me with a plea.


The wrinkles and freckles that never were, but are very much me, now,

Make me see like the proverbial blind man who couldn’t see any more,

They make me look to beyond the external and to go deep within,

And make me see life in a light that’s for me, verily, a ‘Win-Win’!


I check to see whether every cell on my face has truly aged well,

For, as I’ve understood, I’ve tried to, every negative thought quell,

While I’ve worked hard, and stayed kind to all, and in the positive dwell.

Finally, my mirrored face smiles as I slowly see why the young call me ‘Belle’!