Footsteps: A Poem by Poonam Kakodkar

As the sun set in myriad shades
Of orange, yellow, red and pink,
Your footsteps echoed in my head,
Hesitant at first, the heavy footfalls,
Seemed to resound like soldiers marching past me.
Your footsteps were a clarion call of your grand entry into my mundane life,
That smile melted many cynical hearts,
As did the witty banter with which you held us enthralled
You would frown in deep concentration,
And we would hold our breath at the creased forehead.
Like the capricious waves that frolic and embrace the sandy shore at whim
Your footsteps receded from our lives
One fine day, hesitant at first and then strident
Yet they wove rich tapestries in our memories,
Memories that keep returning to the silver, grainy shores of yore.