I Know You Miss Me: A Poem by Manisha Amol

Sitting in solitude by the riverside ;
Looking up at the clouds with watery eyes,
As you discover your shadow clinging by,
You miss my presence terribly thereby.

Every breath of fresh air you inhale,
Relaxing at the foothill in an evergreen dale.
Soaking in the serenade of the wind rustling by,
You miss my warmth by your side.

In the crashing cascading pearly downpour;
Relentless digging your thoughts with an emotional outpour,
That mingles with the rising soothing petrichor,
You miss my fragrance all the more.

Lying down with tranquility on the sandy beach;
Absorbing the warmth on the golden dewy sheet,
With wide arms open struggling for an outreach,
Unable to hold me as I am out of reach.

As I peep down from the alluring azure sky,
Through the rainbow crevice with a deep sigh!
How I wish to roll down riding the wind high?
Though destiny had promulgated a different alibi