Know You Miss Me: A Poem by Archana Bahadur Zutshi

I know you miss me,
Yet you turn your gaze
And often recoil from meeting my gaze,
As I will read clearly
How much your heart aches for me!

I know you whisper my name to the moon,
The winds of swooshing hymns
Linger on to hear you softly sing,
For often you mutter a muffled
“I miss you” cry.

You have often rummaged through your most reclusive thoughts,
To find me in every fold.
I often shimmer through your insistent denial…
I know you miss me in the farthest lands.
You encounter me at every turn.
And yet you say the goodbyes so well.
You do not give a turn to chance,
As you chance to turn, you are still left with me.