I Didn’t Sleep Last Night: A Poem by Jayashree Bhattacherjee

The night spread its kindly veil upon a world that was sleeping
Silver pale the stars behind the eerie mist were dimly peeping
Choked in sleep the city drowsed peacefully, serenity sprawling
But restive ‘n recalcitrant I lay in the tranquil night anticipating his homecoming
Far away on the tides of blue still the havens of grey
Stretching across those wondrous fields, farther still was the breaking of the day
I reached forth for strands of hope, grasping for life in the depth
It has been a year since he left for deployment, I was broken ‘n bereft
With tears of joy as I stretched myself on my bed
A special night it was for me with mellow music playing in my head
My heart sang in melody with the rhythm circling in cheerful glow
Filled with delight those light-hearted songs, I let them flow
The spectacular splendor of the silver specks in the vast expanse
Let me in deep thoughts and joyful trance
I lay awake last night eagerly waiting for the break of the new dawn
With anxious throbbing heart, for, today comes home my soldier, my brave man
My thoughts running rampant, how could I close my eyes?
The night was alive with dreams, color, love, and peace
Thrilled I am, tonight, soaked in love, I’ll be in his arms

Together we’ll feel the warmth of the lunatic light and succumb to its charm.