When Sleep Disowns The Frazzle Mind: A Poem by Indrani Chatterjee

I didn’t sleep last night, not because of some external gale

Was lashing against my windowpane,

But a prolonged billowy storm thumping against the membrane of my chest. 

Trying to arouse my numbed impulses

Intimating of some uncouth straits.


Some dreams that never witnessed the channel of ignition,

Kept scorching in the burning sensation of my incarnadine vision.

I capitulated to the immobile hours of the night,

Wearing its ebony cloak to hide my anguish and fright.


Flurry within borrowed the wings of fleeting time to perch on my sight,

To caparison, some bizarre images, pilfering the slumber chain of the night.

Some algid consternation slid down my spine,

Made me confront an inconceivable query whose presage is in hands of time.


The frazzled mind became a prisoner of the stilly moments,

When enigmas of weltering life cumbered my eyelids.

The blind alleys seemed to grope in the imperforated ambiguity,

And my presence refused to tranquilize being entwined in the labyrinth of invisibility.