A Cosmic Affair: A Poem by Neha Gupta

The cosmic ray streamed down like a cascade
And filled my persona with love and calmness added
Those invisible rays invited the peace to enter
Allowing me to reach my calmness center

The abyss of the universe was blinding
Until I discovered the celestial light, a colorful calling
The anecdotes of life seemed like an illusionary affair
The prompts to seek beyond the obvious were now clear

The price to have this beautiful bond with the cosmos

Was to let go of expectations and blend in oneness

With all, in and around, with dust and stars in togetherness

Merging was the only way to the ultimate awareness

The placid mind was bestowed upon me by the universe
The reason for this could not fit in the frame of logics

Neither did I seek not did I care for the answers

I let loose and ceded myself to the miracles of cosmic affairs