Homeless : A poem by Swati Garg


My eensy eyes adored that safest place, amidst a brook of nature’s grace
In my creator’s womb, I was never homeless,
but the glare and flare of the dappled world beguiled me,
the outside milieu when I faced 

For a girl who was supposed not to rove,
all moral mores, retrogressive, spooky made too knave,
The bedecked roof and silk spreads appeared to me all tattered and grave 

Those basic needs were fulfilled though, there in my so-called home,
but honestly, I abhor the fallacious doors 
As my stalwart soul felt derelict and homeless, 
for the person in me left completely hopeless 

My pinions to fly got cracked and mourned
for I was tied incognito in a new bizarre bond 
So homeless I was, reattained a new home, though smothered 
for this time in-laws and husband were crowned as my new boss
There arrived the crouched nights and the grim kitchen goals,
Yes, I was granted another abode,
but homeless was I and so my soul.