Home is where the heart is: A poem by Mir Samsul Haque

Ofttimes I hear my heart humming
The hymns of familiar familial grace
Being bonded to cordiality boundless
Home – a delightful den where I dwell
In the jaws of calamities, I securely smile
Hardly have I groaned in comatose pain
A touch of grace swaps my bundles of sorrows
My home houses bliss for a splendid tomorrow
I feel connected to home wherever I stay
In array of things, amid myriads possibilities
My home is undoubtedly the mainstay
My home is a hive that nullifies all uncanny
When I sense the wobbly world at rage
My home shields me from looming rues
In afar land my heart longs for homecoming
In the welter of autumn, I see supple spring
My heart hypes for abundant ethereal charms
I’m fully subsumed by the cloak of love
It’s aptly said “Home is where heart is“
A gospel truth that I utterly believe.