Family, my anchor!: A poem by Nisha Tandon

A book of life I lift from my memories
And slowly turn each page with a lot of care
No set rules I see, no disciplinary actions 
But abundance of love and faith that was always there 

A few happy moments or be it times tough 
We sailed steadily through deep hurt and despair 
We held on to each other like there was no ‘morrow 
Every single emotion we were forever ready to share 

Some carefree laughter and mischief aplenty 
Brought in sunshine to our lives that were otherwise sombre 
Despite the hindrances and hitches at many stages of life 
As a family, we always came out of it much stronger 

We celebrated little moments, we wiped away tears
We even walked away from each other in a fit of rage
We laughed over this just the very next moment 
To many others it may all sound so very strange 

A precious bond, a gift of God
Glittering in life like brilliant amber 
Through life’s many storms and dreams unfulfilled
Family has been my infallible anchor.