Greek Daedalus I Became


In the maze of life I was caught

Didn’t know which way to walk

In whirlpool of mind, my canoe got stuck

Perplexing was the labyrinth of heart


Untying the knots of dilemma of mind

Walking free in delight to unwind

I started the journey free of any bind


The tantalizing tunnels led me to the caves

Intersection of roads held me in its grasp

I endeavored to release myself from the clutches of their hold

Bruised with cuts of blades of life and sickle of time

I stood aghast and stupefied


Hot oleanders of worldly entanglements stood in my way

And in an epiphany in labyrinth, a lamping fly I became

Whose little spark came in and went away


Bashfully treading on paths untrodden

I flew to the beckoning horizon,

Greek Daedalus I became, leaving the worldly entanglements far behind

To be confined in a cage, I declined

An enlightened me was now ready to shine!

Ritu Kamra Kumar

Poet’s Note: In Greek mythology, Daedalus (Greek: skillfully wrought) was inventor and sculptor who is said to have built paradigmatic labyrinth for king Minos of Crete. He also fashioned wings of wax and escaped the labyrinth.

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