A Lifelong Romance


Words are multifaceted

Cathartic at their crux

Oozing out of the grey matter

Trickling down onto a piece of paper

They bring out my emotions, which knew no hindrance when I was a child


They are the musings of a gypsy mind

A mind that would let all phenomenon sync

But would remain silent otherwise


Contemplating, philosophizing, penning down my views against the unfair ways of the world

But also showing gratitude to the Almighty

For giving me a chance to live on this beautiful Earth


I want to live, not just survive

So, poetry becomes my best friend,

Inculcating in me the zeal, the vigor


Poetry never leaves me alone

For it walks like my shadow

Protecting me like someone

Who prophesies to love me

For it’s a lifelong romance!

Staffy Bhateja