From soft-spun gossamer webs

I weave mystical daydreams and wizardry

The sunbeams of silken gold threads to bedeck marvel-like tapestry!


It’s a heady potion where I sail on swan-shaped puffed clouds above

An irenic space for fantasies and fairy tales of true love


It’s my snug cocoon of twilight darkness

In this cradle, I find immense happiness


Shimmering and morphing in a world of magical land faraway

I dream I’m a songbird in a midsummer sky on a cloudless day


In woodland of soft, light and crisp pine air

I conjure up pegasi and unicorn of dazzling glare


Buzzing bees in a meadow of wild clover

Larks and Magpies too in an embellished bower!


The angels and fairies in my dreams, in voices convincing and pure

“The night is always dark, that’s why God created stars,” they assure

To guide me and you, to the keys to the right door


They are blessed, given, gifted

Found in the starlight, in the moonlight

If they go unseen, unnoticed, you’re guided to it by your own divine light.


Sangeetha Kamath Prabhu