God’s Reflection


Unlike herself, she sat down before completing the chores,

Thoughts of family talks, bills worrying her more.

She has not lived her life like this before,

In the vibrant colours saree with her smile intact and bright,

She used to be on her toes and come face to face with every plight!


After years she seemed old but was strong enough,

As the bitterness of her children had made her tough!

She often ponders what she has achieved and lost through her struggles.

Standing like a wall between her family and the countless hurdles.


Like God, she has always put her hands in front for the blessings and protected her people,

The difference was that they only praised the God well!

As for her family she has given all her valuables to sell.

Now she is left with her dried eyes for so many stories of sacrifice to tell!


Garima Sudan

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