100-Word Story


My Journey of Bliss

I embarked on a journey, chasing the elusive whispers of bliss. Each step, a dance with the winds of contentment. There were moments of solitude, where I found the melody of my heart, and amidst laughter with kindred spirits, I discovered the symphony of shared joy. Mistakes were the guideposts, leading me towards essence of fulfilment.

In the mosaic of experiences, I found that bliss. A gentle companion wasn’t a destination but a way of embracing every step in this wondrous odyssey. My failures were the stepping stones to success; my tireless efforts were stepping stones to stand rock solid.

Rajan Mehra



She desperately looks around, while her fingers rake her empty pockets for something, anything. The cold metal surface of a forgotten coin arrests the roaming fingers. It is a relic from her past. Along with a few dirty crumpled notes. Useless currency that couldn’t buy food, blankets, medicines, or formula for the hungry baby in the refugee camp.

She picks the coin and spins it on the rough wooden table in the pale light of the borrowed candle stub. It spins furiously, its steely glint catching the baby’s attention who, fascinated, stops bawling.

‘Useless but still charming,’ she thinks, relieved.

 Sheerin Shahab


Your Arms

Some dark days, I don’t need your whispering love words in my ear, only your kindness and your faithfulness. On those days when I am really down, I need your young, strong arms around me, hugging me tight and at the same time, transferring your love and strength to my ageing, aching frame; making me feel a little younger again. Only your hug can express more than your words could ever say – Don’t give up dear, I am here and as certain as each daybreak will start, you should continue to write many stories and poems that touch people’s heart.

Jellie N. Wyckelsma

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