Song of Nature


Spring, full of wandering winds, babbling brooks and carefree ease

Summer, casting sweat and squeeze

Autumn a colorful release, winter an enchanting  peace


Every season is soaked in sweet song of mother nature

In spring, mirth of flora and fauna bestowed  as a boon

Melodious and miraculous symphony infuses joy on earth and moon



Trees attired in gay and fragrant garments

Just hear the footfall of spring wherever you stare

The blushing  buds and fair flowers are spring’s  miracle


Boughs laden with blooming blossoms and chirping birds

Grass green robes tiptoe out of bare and brown beds

Earth receives the embrace of sun, two converge like friends


Nature’s bounty brimming with bowing bower suggest

Hope has traversed Nature’s lap singing lullaby at night

And left each morning  with brighter traces of her steps


Whistling in spring  rains with a shoe of slush is every child’s  first crush

Bright butterfly and busy bees hover in heavenly music merrily

In cornucopia of wondrous worth, each smiles a smile of beatific delight happily


Every  season heralds a perennial song of nature

Nature’s orchestra is ethereal and eternal


Ritu Kamra Kumar

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