Gentle yet profound: A poem by Ankurita Khajanchi

Euphonic sound of violins in the backdrop
Oodles of vehemence, dancing on the top;
The fragrance of blooms, waning than always
Coz aroma of love was unfurling its craze;
And the knock-on my heart, could not be overlooked
Gentle yet profound, I so felt hooked.

Hues of happiness dispersed its radiance
I felt the contentment, a gleeful trance;
They could see me dance, could hear me hum
But doubted its verity, all allies, and chum;
But the knock-on my heart could not be defied
Mild yet overpowering, my smile never lied.

Love in its full bloom was oozing out of me
Tickling and enticing, it was a heavenly spree;
Emptiness and fulfillment, contentment and longing
It was amazing, this sense of belonging;
The knock-on my heart was reciprocated with adulation
Soft yet fervent, I could feel the elation.