Pardon: A poem by Richa Srivastava

Tiffs, the wrangles, and the differences.
Often crops up owing to our preferences.

We humans oft-times fail to realize.
There’s nothing that’s an absolute wrong or right.

We feel raged for petty things..for days and months.
And then look for reasons to sustain life without fun.

We forget that committing mistakes is only human.
And end up strangling the relations, becoming inhuman.

Why do we take the tiffs to heart?
Why forgiving in life is so hard?

Why seeking forgiveness makes us feel so small. 
Why ‘Pardon me’  weighs heavy upon our soul.

Why can’t we accept each other with differences.
Why can’t we respect each other’s preferences?

The day we learn to ‘Pardon’, accept, respect and forgive.
We would learn the gist of ‘How to live.