A bouquet of love: A poem by Nisha Tandon

I journey through myriad emotions
As I lovingly adorn a bouquet for you
Picking each flower with a lot of care
And pondering over colours that may impress you

A big bunch of daffodils that symbolises unequalled love
Along with a cluster of asters blue 
A sprig of red chrysanthemum also I tuck in
To confess my undying love for you

A bloom of sage for all the wisdom you shared
Sprinkled lavishly with the morning dew
Then I put aside a bunch of wilting wildflowers
As a reminder of bouts of anger that worried you

A delicate pink carnation I don’t forget to add
For all the unconditional love you showered upon me
The fragrance of each emotion lingers to remind me
That there’s so much you have done for me

The corsage sprinkles its fragrance in our lives
And we preserve it like priceless wealth
For the world, they may be just a few flowers
But for me, they are a treasure of sparkling jewels

Mother, it’s a way to express my gratitude
In a blurry mix of myriad colours and hues
Not just a bunch of flowers hastily wrapped
But a bouquet of love, today I give to you