Friendship 2.0: A poem by Nisha Tandon

I hold a picture in my wrinkled hand
Unconsciously, my tears flow like a restive stream
I make no efforts whatsoever to hold them back 
They continue to trickle down like a molten dream 

The picture is faded… bound to happen with time
But I can recall the beautiful memories every crease beholds 
Memories of an entire lifetime leave me impassioned
Each moment is entwined with interesting stories retold 

Common we shared our interests decades ago 
And common were sprightly youthful dreams
Despite the laughter and differences unknown
Today I relive the timeless journey through these

We may have moved on in our respective lives
But deep down in our hearts we still did crave 
To live the carefree days maybe just one more time and 
To rewind the clock and wished mighty time we could enslave 

Maybe there’s someone else holding a faded picture like I do
In some distant corner of the universe 
Let’s reach out and not hesitate to bridge the gap
No matter what it efforts it takes to traverse