Friendship is forever: A poem by Heera Nawaz

Friends are likable companions that stand resolutely by us,
And who remain by our sides constantly, come what may,
They live for us, they lie for us, and they even cry for us,
While they prove that, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

A friend is someone who likes us irrespective of our colour or creed,
And who for our sake will undergo and suffer great pain,
Just to see that we are safe comfortable and without troubles,
And it is through this pain, that we eventually by default gain.

A friend is someone whom we can believe and instinctively trust,
And stands by us, making us staunch, proud and strong, 
A person who can without jealousy laud our achievements, 
While seeing that we never go haywire, tempted or wrong.

A friend is someone who we can let our hair down with,
And have a lot of merriment, joy, cheer, goodwill, and fun,
And it is someone who will risk their precious lives for us,
While shouting out loudly from the mountain top, “You are the one!”

Friendship is a beautiful picture postcard of faithful promises,
For it tells us what loyalty, love, and compassion are all about,
“A true friend is one who courageously walks in
when the entire world walks out!”