Friendship…: A poem by Sheela S. Iyer

Friendship is a beautiful feeling with an emotional bond
There are no secrets among friends, it’s an open book and beyond.
A relationship, most pure and special
A relationship that does not need any certificate or medal.
One cannot define love for friends, it’s a different connection
One cannot even explain how dear friendship is, it’s about genuine affection.
Friendship says “don’t ask for time, but give your time”
Friendship says “I will walk and be beside you anytime.
Root of friendship is to Forgive and forget 
Root of friendship is to connect and respect.
Say thanks “if you really mean it”
Say sorry   “if you really feel it”.
Friendship is not a trend to end with passing years and age
It is a book with memories and stories written on every page.
Friendship does not need any kind of promotion
It is built on trust and emotion.
Friendship is like a beautiful flower in the garden
This relationship has the power to quickly wrap fights with a pardon.
Even a high tide can’t sink this ship
This is a strong bond called FRIENDSHIP.