Floral Overture: A Reverie of Tulips: A Poem by Glory Neeraj

Blooms, effulgent in nature’s artful weave,
Tulips emerge, in kaleidoscopic gleam,
Their petals pirouette, a symphony conceived,
A testament to beauty’s hallowed theme.

Their blossoms grace the meadow’s verdurous cloak,
Each petal painted with a skill divine,
A tapestry of hues interwove,
A masterpiece no mortal hand can define.

Their fragrance murmurs secrets to the breeze,
And stirs the senses, evoking rapture,
As love’s murmurs waft ‘mongst whispering trees,
Enchanting all, a spell none can capture.

In gardens fair, these blooms command our gaze,
Tulips, spring’s zenith, ablaze in praise.