Whispering Tears in the Night: A Poem by Glory Neeraj  

In shadows of the nocturnal veil, where sorrow weaves its wistful tale,
A little girl, bereaved and frail, her heart in grief, her spirit frail.

Whispers of the night assail her dreams, as darkness reigns in silent screams,
She yearns for solace, warmth, and gleams, a mother’s touch, love’s soothing streams.

Lost in a world devoid of light, she trembles in the depths of night,
Her fragile soul yearns for respite, a beacon to guide her through the plight.

The moon’s embrace brings no relief, as solitude becomes her thief,
Echoes of her mother’s belief, fade like echoes, stolen by grief.

In the silence, fears start to grow, their haunting echoes, a haunting woe,
Her innocence eclipsed by woe, as anguish takes its vengeful blow.

Yet, within her tender heart’s abode, memories linger, an eternal ode,
A mother’s love, a guiding code, to shelter her on life’s arduous road.

Through tear-stained nights, she finds the strength, to conquer fears, to go the length,
Her mother’s spirit, an everlasting breadth, a guardian angel, her life’s defense.

With every star that graces the sky, her mother’s love will never die,
Embracing her with wings to fly, she finds solace, her tears now dry.

Though whispers of the night may persist, her mother’s love, a gentle mist,
In dreams, they meet, forever kissed, their bond unbroken, never dismissed.

And so, she finds her way back home, no longer lost, no longer alone,
For in her heart, her mother’s known, a guiding light, a love brightly shown.

In whispers of the night, she’ll find her peace, fears extinguished, sorrows cease,
A little girl, her heart released, by love’s eternal, timeless masterpiece.