First snow: A poem by Akila Rajmahadev


Falling from the blue-tinted expanse are the icy flurries,

Sheathing the ground converting it into a wonderland,

Glistening under the moonlight as the blizzards blow,

Lays strewn shrouding the dome of every single home.

Heralding the necessity to adorn layers of clothes,

The flakes harbinger the advent of the harsh winter,

Ready to get molded by the cute little humans,

The first snow is here to transform into a lovely white snowman.

Kissing thousands of cheeks while approaching in a blink,

Sets the stage ready for skaters to go down the rink,

Suspended from the branches of the denuded trees like arabesque,

Changes the entire landscape into a monochrome picturesque.

The windshields seem to have become extremely busy,

Trying their best to wipe the car-free from the wispy imprints,

Here comes the pristine cottony tufts of ephemeral existence,

Bringing delight on every onlooker’s countenance.