Festive Spirit: A Poem by Vasudha Pansare

When I was a child,
The festive spirit meant for me,
New clothes, lots of sweets, firecrackers,
It was the joy of meeting cousins,
uncles, aunts.

When I grew older and went to college,
I discovered the festive spirit in
Hanging out with friends, admiring  clothes,
And inviting them and getting invited to parties.

When I got married, I created the festive spirit,
Cleaned the house, prepared sweets, and snacks,
Bought new clothes for the children,
And visited friends and relations.

Now I am old and full of wisdom,
I find within me, a festive kingdom,
When I give away sweets and clothes
To the hardworking and less fortunate.

Now I realize, this is the true festive spirit,
Which we discover in sharing and caring,
Festivals don’t mean just lights, food, and clothes,
They mean generosity, magnanimity.

If everyone cared for the underprivileged,
If we cared for our nation, worked honestly,
This, our land of festivals and saints,
Would  overflow with the festive spirit.

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