A Spirit to Inculcate: A Poem by Amrita Mallik

Festive spirit brings forth abundant joy,
Heart full of gratitude, grace experienced,
Shared sweet memories to create and amass,
Food, clothes, camaraderie unified for special days.

Smiles highlighted, houses cleaned,
Sparkles everywhere, devotion soaring high,
Daub colours of joy and content on each other,
There’s a festival for every season thus.

Yet, why do I experience grappling numbness?
Year again, I fail to participate in the gala show,
The warmth of candles and the merriment galore,
Why can’t they touch my being even once?

The projected joviality through varied media,
The enthusiasm and the boisterous spirit of festivity,
I surmise them to be false, an abhorring apparition,
Playing with human sentiments mercilessly.

While huge chunk of people in darkness,
With ailments and pandemic in every home,
The real essence of festival is to share and care,
And, to light up homes with positivity.

Displaying material success is the new trend,
Distorted perfection force-fed and luring masses,
Young minds easily influenced by the new high,
Confused celebration sunders hopes and dreams.