Conversation with Nature: A Poem by Dr. Lalita Vaitheeswaran

 As I watered my plants their leaves rustled in glee
The motley flowers swayed their heads in happiness
The breeze tugged and hugged me in delight
And in gratitude did my pneuma they caress
A small pearly dew winked as it sparkled
The cuckoo on the branches cocked its head to sing
The green grass nodded as it waved in harmony
A symphony was being born as rhapsody rang in
The azure sky was holding cotton balls in its bosom
Which like minstrels in gay abandon wandered
They signaled to me that it’d be a warm day
 I looked up as the bright golden ball meandered
A drizzle appeared from nowhere clinging on my soul bare
Puzzled as I watched, the naughty duo to ask
Hey!  a while ago you told me you’d not pour
And in the warmth of your cloak, I could bask?

They smiled and said they’re playing hide-and-seek
The pond in the neighborhood wanted a splash
I pretended to be upset even while joyous within

My conversation with nature was nothing less than a bash!