Festivals–A Celebration of Life


Come to the exhilarating momentum of the Indian festive season where everyone, every family has a beautiful plan and vivid dreams and ideas for the celebration of their own festivals. Every family from weaker sections to feistier sections come out in their own way to enjoy the colors of festivity.

Indian culture has its own way of celebrating festivals which is full of happiness, togetherness, cleanliness and above all, a positive stroke to increase brotherhood and affection towards relationships.

Indian festivals are family festivals where every member has to participate without any grudges and carry out further the tradition of the family. Every member of the family is a learner in this context. The bonding of the relationship is the essence of Indian culture. This beautiful bonding is considered heavenly where faith, love, affection grows in harmony with all the blessings of elders.

Indian festivals are the source of inspiration, gratitude, dedication towards relationships and above all, the faith in the supreme power the God. We offer our devotion which ultimately provides us the peace of mind. This energizes the whole ecosystem and a balance between species occurs.

The presence of positive vibes during festivals further nurtures the relationship of man with nature. All Indian festivals are season based where protection of nature is first and foremost. We offer the first of everything to the deity in devotion. Our rituals consist of the use of all natural things from new cereals to beautiful flowers in the offerings to the deity.

Indian culture is very rich in all diversities where all sections of the societies are taken care of. The involvement of all sections of the society to perform the rituals always increases the respect towards the weakest section of the society and their upliftment. This is the ultimate beauty of Indian culture where social justice prevails.

Anil Kumar Srivastava