February Love: A Poem by Sangeetha Kamath Prabhu

Melodies of lovelorn songs spill
In the summer infused night breeze as a nightingale’s trill
When moonbeams glow over towering rooftops and trees alike,
In shimmering silver and chrome, bustling cities become a wonderland remake!
The skies look like a violet ocean, to lovesick eyes, the twinkling stars are a paean
Moonstruck hearts smitten by amore are walking in a trance, dreaming of a slow dance…
Tulips and lilies abound, brought in from places near, far, and around
Weaving dreams of forever aureate, the season of love pays Cupid a dazzling tribute
February brings a season divine, we celebrate friends too as our cherished Valentine!
Many are precious, some are of heart stellar pure, they remind you of your worth and love you more…
Fortunate are those who are graced by love, their connection was destined in the sparkling stars above!