The Season of Love: A Poem by Poonam Kakodkar

From the deep recesses of my heart,
I hear your baritone voice,
Rich like a mellowed sherry,
With a soothing, dulcet tone,
Pulling at the strings of my heart,
With the practiced ease,
Of a lover who has never been thwarted,
In the game of love.
You tell me I’m the brightest star,
In the entire constellation,
Wear red, you say, tis your colour,
I blush, dithering between my heart and mind,
You never know who will win.
But I hold my head high, as I play,
My very own game of flirtation,
That allows me to swim with the ease of a mermaid,
In what I deem as a whim, a fancy,
The season of love.